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Affiliate Programs - We Have The One In An UNsaturated Market!

Affiliate Programs these days are a dime a dozen.  With everything that is out there, what can you trust that would be a good return on investment?  Our Affiliate Program Will Always Be FREE.   Now, I know what you're thinking:  "sure it's free, but what's the catch?"

There is no catch. 

We provide you with your own unique free Coupon via email so that you can get started marketing IMMEDIATELY.  Also, there are no monthly fees or even an initial monetary investment requirement.  All we ask you to do is spend TIME to promote our product on your websites and in your opt in email campaigns to your customers.  But you do that already with all of your other programs, right?

We have made it possible for anyone to build a successful independent business without any of the typical hassles associated with other programs. Imagine – give our prescription discount cards away for FREE to people that can use them, and in return you earn a commission every time they save on their prescriptions. Think of the millions of people you can get this card in the hands of. Imagine getting paid on a product that is completely free to the customer! You just give it away!

The pharmacy gains more business, Uninsured Customers save on their prescriptions, and YOU get paid for saving them money! What could be better than that?

Becoming an affiliate is a great opportunity to create your own successful business while doing something important for the millions of Americans that need help affording their prescription medications.

Affiliate Programs - About This Opportunity

The RxYouSave Prescription Discount Coupon delivers significant discounts in both brand name and generic drugs at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. People who have this Free Coupon save up to 85% on prescription drug purchases.

This Card is best used for people who are currently uninsured and pay out of pocket for their medications. 

There are no enrollment forms, no age or income requirements, no waiting periods, no eligibility required, no exclusions, covers pre-existing conditions, no claim forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits. Use this prescription discount card every time you go to the pharmacy.

  1.     No fees for the card or usage
  2.     Instant activation
  3.     Good for the whole family
  4.     Covers pet medication
  5.     Everyone qualifies
  6.     Manufacturer rebates on a broad selection of branded drugs
  • 1 – 2,500 medication transactions per month:  Earn $1.25 per transaction
  • 2501 – 5,000 medication transactions per month:  Earn $1.37 per transaction
  • 5,001 – 10,000 medication transactions per month:  Earn $1.50 per transaction
  • 10,001+ medication transactions per month:  Earn $1.75 per transaction
  • Imagine - Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Income...Every Month.  You have already taken the time to build rapport with your Customers - so they already trust you. 
  • **If You Consistently Earn Over 20,000 Transactions Per Month, We Have A Higher Per Transaction Rate For You.  Just Contact Us For More Details**
  • We pay with Paypal on the 29th of every month (28th for February) for the previous months earnings.  You will need a Paypal email address - and a Paypal account - You can sign up here to get your free Paypal account - It takes less than a minute!

How cool is that?!    

How It Works

  1. -We Provide You With Your Unique Virtual Cards
  2. -We Add A Custom QR Code To Your Card For Customer Ease Of Access
  3. -Use Them In Your Opt In Email Campaigns
  4. -Post Them In Your Websites.  (No Adult Content, Gambling, Firearms, etc.)
  5. -You Will Have Your Own Unique Group Number
  6. -Transaction Statistics Once Per Day, Week Or Month (Just Ask!)

Imagine the Endless Possibilities!  Sign Up Now To Get Started!

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