We Already Have HIPAA Compliance, But To Prove We Are Above The Rest, RxYouSave Now Has Been HIPAA Verified

HIPAA Compliance Verification

RxYouSave is proud to announce that, in addition to the HIPAA Compliance that we already have, that we now have been HIPAA Verified with the Seal of HIPAA Compliance.  Being HIPAA Verified is an additional step that we decided to take because we value our customers.  Its an unfortunate fact that there are a lot of seedy prescription discount card companies out there.  They have deceptive billing practices and they sell your private information to drug and insurance companies for their profit.  These days you don't know who to trust.

Trust RxYouSave Over The Competition

We here at RxYouSave do not want to be lumped together or even remotely associated with with those seedy prescription discount card companies out there.  This is the way that we prove that we are not associated with them. This is one of the main reasons that we have gone the extra mile as far as building trust is concerned.  You can trust RxYouSave and I will tell you why.

We have Better Business Bureau Accreditation of "A".  We believe in BBB Accreditation because consumers trust what the BBB says.  However, Just having BBB Accreditation alone is often not enough.  Sure, it starts and builds trust, but you need a little something extra to physically back it up.

This is why we have the HIPAA Verification Seal.  We have this In Addition To our BBB Accreditation.  The reason for this is that we figured this would have both consumers and businesses to trust us more.  The RxYouSave Card is already HIPAA Compliant to begin with.  We just believe in over-delivering on Quality by going the extra mile.

You see, not every prescription discount card company is qualified to get HIPAA Verified.  In order to get HIPAA Verified, your company must first pass stringent requirements in regards to Protected Health Information, Security, and additional Privacy Policies.  These are US Government Standards we are talking about here, so its no easy task.

Here's What RxYouSave's HIPAA Verification Means For You

First and foremost, this means that when you use the Free RxYouSave Card, you can trust that your private, personal health information (and other information as well) is safe with us.  We will never sell or distribute your information in any way, shape, form, fashion or circumstance, etc.

Second, we believe in having physical evidence in order to back this up.  This is why we offer both consumers and businesses a HIPAA Verification Report.  For businesses that want to partner with us, we do this because we feel that Safe Business is Good Business.  Try asking for a HIPAA Verification Report from other prescription discount card companies!   RxYouSave's HIPAA Verification Report is available upon request.  All you have to do is click on the HIPAA Verified Seal below and fill out the form and your HIPAA Verification Report will be sent to you.

HIPAA Compliance Verification
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