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Compare Prescription Prices

Here is where you can compare prescription prices to get an estimate of what you can expect to pay if you decide to use the RxYouSave Prescription Discount Card.  Remember, we want you to save the most money on your prescription medications, even if its not with us.  This is why we also list the drug price tools of other national chain pharmacies as well.  Don't worry--all links to other pharmacies open up in a new window, so you will not lose your place in our website.

Did you know that prescription drug prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy?  Yes, you heard correctly!  One pharmacy can have one pricing on your prescription medication, while another pharmacy right across the street can be more expensive!  This is the reason that we recommend that you shop around pharmacies first.  You are always told to shop around for the best price for other things, why not shop for the best price when you compare prescription prices as well?

Keep in mind that the RxYouSave Prescription Discount Card is free for anyone who resides in the USA.  When you use the card, you can expect to save up to 85% off the entire cost of your prescription medication.  Each card can handle unlimited medications, and there are no lifetime limitations.  There are no claim forms to file, no age and no age or income restrictions.  We also like to be completely transparent in what we offer you.

Compare Prescription Prices With A Trusted Company

We here at RxYouSave do not want to be lumped together or even remotely associated with with those seedy prescription discount card companies out there.  This is the way that we prove that we are not associated with them. This is one of the main reasons that we have gone the extra mile as far as building trust is concerned.  You can trust RxYouSave and I will tell you why.

We also have Better Business Bureau Accreditation of "A".  We believe in BBB Accreditation because consumers trust what the BBB says.  However, Just having BBB Accreditation alone is often not enough.  Sure, it starts and builds trust, but you need a little something extra to physically back it up.  This is why we have the HIPAA Verification Seal.  We have this In Addition To our BBB Accreditation.  The reason for this is that we figured this would have both consumers and businesses to trust us more.  The RxYouSave Card is already HIPAA Compliant to begin with.  We just believe in over-delivering on Quality by going the extra mile.

Enter the name of the prescription you want to check on in the tool provided below.  You can compare it with other pharmacies that are listed so you can save the most money.  That being said, when you want to compare the price of your savings to your National Chain Pharmacy, simply click on one of the following National Chain Pharmacy Logos (located below the RxYouSave pricing tool) to be directed to their drug pricing tool or formulary.  All Logo Links open up in a new window.

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