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School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas are not as easy as one would like for it to be.  One of the most important things that is critical for schools is to secure funding.  Often times, funding can be hard to come by, and can vary throughout the year.  Then there are the summer months where there is little if any fundraising.  Sure there are many different types of School Fundraising Ideas out there, but many of them are usually a series of one time events held a few times per year at best.  This leaves the question:  How is your school going to secure funds in between those event times?

Imagine for a minute...

Imagine your teachers never having to come out of pocket for basic school supplies ever again.  Imagine having a school fundraiser that brings in much needed funds every month all year around (Yes, even in the summer!) by just sending your regular newsletters and site updates to people who are already on your email list just like you normally would.  Well Imagine no longer--as you have come across one of the most unique school fundraising ideas ever!

RxYouSave has the perfect solution for your school!  Traditional School Fundraising Ideas cost money in order to raise money.  We here at RxYouSave believe that is simply counter productive.  Our fundraisers will ALWAYS be FREE to start.  One of the most common scenarios out there are people who have the passion for your cause but are unable to contribute financially.  They usually sign up for your email updates and newsletters and are your biggest promoters.  What they lack for in finances they make up for in passion for your cause.  This unique fundraiser allows you to increase your donor base by giving this particular group the ability to donate and be involved in your school activities in addition to utilizing your current donors.  If everybody who got the card emailed the card to at least one person they knew--results would add up fast!

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School Fundraising Ideas; How RxYouSave Works:

Here's How It Works:

  1. Sign up for free by filling out the form at the bottom of this page
  2. We email you a free card with a unique group number that identifies your School
  3. We call you to touch base and verify the information you provided.  (We have a no spam Policy)
  4. You include the card in your current newsletters and email mailing lists (RxYouSave doesn't have access to your email lists)
  5. Your current members on your email list download and print your card & take it with them to the pharmacy
  6. When your members get their prescriptions filled, you earn $1 per medication filled
  7. You get paid on the 29th of every month for the previous months transactions
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If you want, we can write an article about the card and include your card in it for your newsletter and email updates.  For best results, keep the article (or just the card) permanently in all of your newsletters and email updates with a note encouraging use of the card and how your School will benefit from the card's usage.  Also encourage current members to email your card for usage by their families and friends.  The Icing On The Cake:  Your School earns $1 per medication filled with the card.  For example, if a member fills 5 medications per month using your card, you get $5.  You are paid monthly and you get free reports on what medications are used. 

All income earned is residual--which means every time someone refills their monthly prescription using your Schools card, your School gets the $1 per medication AGAIN.  This means that your School earns income for your cause Year Around. Your School will benefit by reaching people who are highly interested in your cause, but unable to contribute monetarily.  This gives them the free chance to contribute monthly to your cause without having to come out of pocket.  The more medications that are filled with your card, the more money you will be able to earn for your cause.  RxYouSave has cards available in English and in Spanish.  This is a prime Opportunity for school PTAs and PTOs to get involved with!

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Six Additional Reasons To Partner With RxYouSave

1.  No Cost (FREE) To Start

Traditional School Fundraising Ideas generally cost money before you can start raising money.  With RxYouSave, all your School has to do is sign up for free.  We then email you a free card (similar to the ones you see on the "PRINT A CARD" page).  Your Free Card has a unique group number for payment tracking purposes.  All Your School Has To Do Is simply add Your Card to all high traffic areas of your website, as well as permanent placement in all of your newsletters and site updates that you send to your current members and subscribers.  You can also ask your current members and subscribers to send the card (or your newsletter & site update with the card in it) to their friends and family who need it the most.  For best results, add Your Free Card as an image file to those areas, because image files generally are not blocked by ad blocking software, and images tend to enhance end user experiences.

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2.  Increase Your School's Branding, Loyalty & Donor Base

Imagine being able to substantially increase your donations by simply utilizing your current membership email and newsletter lists.  When you partner with RxYouSave, you will be doing exactly that.  How it is possible is simple:  In addition to your current donors, your School will be able to reach two new pools of donors that, until now, have been previously unreachable.  The first pool of new donors are current subscribers that are passionate about your cause, but are unable to contribute financially.  This gives them a chance to contribute financially without having to come out of pocket.  The second pool of new donors that come into play are the friends and family of your current subscribers and donors that are emailed a copy of your free card to use for their monthly prescriptions.  Increase your word of mouth advertising every time you send out newsletters and email updates to your current members and subscribers.

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3.  Environmentally Friendly

Traditional School Fundraising Ideas generally have a lot of paperwork involved.  This also includes items such as flyers, brochures, business cards and many other things.  Traditional Fundraisers can involve things such as stamps & envelopes used for mailings.  Not to mention, traditional fundraising campaigns use a lot of paper.  With the average response rate of direct mailing being less than 1%, that's a lot of paper wasted.  With Your Free Card being in Electronic Form, it has a higher reach nationwide without nearly as much paper waste.  Only people who want to use it will download your card and print it.  When you partner with RxYouSave, you are doing your part in helping to conserve the Environment by wasting less paper.  Don't worry--your card still works even though it is in Electronic Form.

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4.  Your School Will Be Offering A Valued, Free Solution For A Growing Need Here In The USA

It is a known fact here in the US that the cost of prescriptions are growing.  The prices alone are very volatile and can change at a moment's notice.  This is why prices of prescription medications can vary from Pharmacy to Pharmacy--even if they are across the street or next door to each other.  It's a sad fact that nearly one-third or more of all prescriptions do not get filled simply due to lack of affordability.  Many of the uninsured, and even those with insurance (with high deductibles to meet) live on a fixed or otherwise limited income.  Many of us know of people or have had to be in the unfortunate situation of choosing whether to fill their prescriptions, put food on the table, or pay bills.  You do not have to be a US Citizen to use this card.  All you have to do is currently live in the US.

Nobody should have to be put in that dire of a situation.  When you partner with RxYouSave, you will be doing your part in helping to make prescriptions more affordable not only for those who need it the most, but for anybody and everybody who wants it.  There are no income requirements or eligibility forms to fill out or meet in order to use RxYouSave's free program.  All people have to do is simply take the card with them to the pharmacy when they get their prescriptions filled, present the card to the pharmacy staff member, and receive their free discount.  A partnership with RxYouSave, in conjunction with your other School fundraising ideas, provides the best diversified source of income yet.

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5.  Ongoing, Year Around Donations For Your School

While it is great to diversify your fundraising opportunities, Traditional Fundraisers have the old Catch-22.  Besides the upfront costs usually associated with other traditional forms of fundraising, there are other things to consider too.  One of those things to consider with traditional forms of fundraising is the fact that the money raised is generally a one time event.  Your School may have a fundraising event for the month of October and raise $10,000 during that time--but consider this:  where are you going to get additional funds after that $10,000 runs out?  That's where Your School will will receive an added benefit from a Partnership with RxYouSave.  Your Partnership with RxYouSave yields your School residual, monthly income for LIFE.  That's Right--Your School receives $1 PER Medication Filled.  For example, if one person fills 5 medications, your School receives $5.  Most medications are filled on a monthly basis, so your School gets that $5 AGAIN the next month when that same person refills their monthly prescription.  Other prescriptions are filled every 3 months.  As a second example:  If, for example, your School Partners with RxYouSave and raises $10,000 for the month of October, and every person refills their monthly prescription the following month--then that means your School gets $10,000 the following month as well!  This alone makes a Partnership with RxYouSave one of the best School fundraising ideas ever!  That's a lot of money that can be used to help your School!

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6.  Unsaturated Market

There are literally hundreds of thousands of School Fundraising Ideas out there.  When you partner with RxYouSave for one of your School fundraising ideas, you will be entering an unsaturated market.  This presents a unique advantage when it comes to this particular kind of partnership.  Because there's an unsaturated market, it means less competition.  Let's face it, not very many Schools utilize a free prescription discount card partnership with RxYouSave, and because of that, other Schools are leaving a lot of free money on the table.  Everybody knows about prescription discount cards, but are unsure about how to get one personally for them to use.  This presents a Prime Opportunity for Your School to come in and help the community!

Money earned from your Card can be used however you desire, such as funds for prom and school dances, sports trips, team jerseys, sports equipment, ROTC, music and many many more--the possibilities are endless!  Sign Up Today and see how this unique opportunity can be one of the best School fundraising ideas you have ever seen!

Thank You for taking the time to read this and I look forward to a long business relationship for many years to come.


Jessica Golden
RxYouSave School Fundraising Ideas Partnership

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